SEO Press Releases

We use SEO focused press releases to build links for our customers, some as the situation demands and others on a regular bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Here are 3 recent examples:

1) Paris Food Markets Iphone App

2) Floormall implements customer friendly features

3) A shelter for your vintage car

Those are for 3 different customers, and while what we do for each business is different, our SEO press releases usually include:

  • You provide us with the major points of your upcoming news release.
  • We’ll write a release that describes your news in appropriate terms and offers the necessary keyword text for the links we’ll be adding.
  • We’ll send this to you to edit.
  • Once we get it back we’ll tweak as necessary and perform a submission.
  • We code in up to 3 links to your website with the link text that we are targeting for you.
  • The submission pushed the SEO PR out to about 85 websites.
  • Usually about 30 pick it up and about half of those publish the 3 links we put in the release
  • We’ll send you a report about 3 business days after we submit with the URLs of all sites that picked it up.

Our service uses a wide submission for sites that are all press release focused and offer the opportunity to submit links in the release.

Call 203-789-8229 to see if this is a good fit for your SEO today!

Spam marketing message received this morning

And what really kills me is they were boneheaded enough to publish all of our email addresses in the CC field. That’s just plain rude.

So I apologize but I took advantage and responded to everyone offering our services. As business owners, exploiting opportunity must be our top priority.

Here’s my response:

Spam marketing probably means spammy practices.

Since they thought kindly to include me in the mailing, I thought I’d let you all know that if you’d like a free 10 minute consultation regarding valuable keywords you may be unaware of, feel free to contact me.

Other examples of service are

* Regular blogging, news-related, industry specific
* Link-bait articles, promoted via social media
* Highly relevant reciprocal link building
* Article writing and submission (ezinearticles, etc.)
* PRNewsWire paid press release distribution
* Local newspaper submissions in CT
* Onsite architectural optimization (URLs, filenames, internal link profile)
* Onpage keyword optimization

We are located in North Haven, CT and hope to hear from you!

Semi-Recent Trends in Website Design

I’ve been offline for almost 6 months and trying to catch up again. What would be 3 noteworthy changes/updates in web design during that time?

– Jörg B. 28 / M / Copenhagen, Denmark

3 significant developments in recent months are:

1) Simpler messages incorporated into large homepage presentation layer
2) Incorporation of video into websites
3) Incorporation of social media iconography and connections into websites

CMS Website for Advertising Agency

What’s the best CMS for an ad agency website, complete with multiple blogs and password-protected areas?

– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE

Sounds like you have a big project on your hands. I think the most important thing to consider is that any one product that handles multiple blogs and group level access may have too many moving parts, be over developed, or be packaged software that requires extensive customization.

I’d recommend you carefully consider the various elements you need, why you’d want separate blogs, and what information needs to be password protected. I’d suggest you’d be better served by multiple, simple solutions than trying to force one of the popular open-source CMS’ to fit your mold.


– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE

4 reasons 3PRIME stands apart

1) In addition to tried-and-true reciprocal link building, we are also coupling this with social media promotion(digg, delicious, twitter), article submissions and blog commenting

2) We’ll want to incorporate conversion tracking to measure results

3) By properly identifying your competitive niches by keyword (i.e. town/region or type of job), we can help grow specific aspects of your business.

4) By partnering with 3PRIME, your company greatly extends its control and interest in what your web presence represents for your business. This 24/7 sales presentation can become a much more critical asset to your business.

Stop waiting and start doing, call 203-789-8229, today!

Godaddy web hosting

This question comes from an Internet associate:

I’m actually creating my own website right now (and no, it’s not cosmetics-related) and I seek some advice from you regarding hosting. Just like you, I buy all my domains thru GoDaddy, only so far I never had to worry about hosting and FTP upload. I am reading horror stories online about GoDaddy hosting services and I’m having a hard time evaluating where the truth is… Some love it, some hate it!

Is GoDaddy a decent option for hosting? Or is it for suckers/newbies who don’t know any better?

Regarding hosting, I do recommend GoDaddy, but it may be that I am highly familiar with it, so I am used to ignoring the upsells they send you through when you are setting up services with them. I have had sites run poorly, I have had problems with hacking, but overall, with over 100 sites hosted with them I’d say they are good bet.

For someone better, and at $60 per year paid upfront very comparable in price, we use It takes longer to setup, you have to wait for emails and such (24 hours) but the control panel is much more powerful and the service is somewhat more reliable. Main difference, they don’t provide telephone support. So if you you want more personal support, go with godaddy.

Remodeling the Electronic Cottage – Reponse

Response to an article from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.

What’s interesting about the use of the “cottage” terminology is it, to me, references “cottage industry” where people work independently to bring their “goods” to market. I suspect that for many people, who are comfortable with their niche in a larger organization, they are likely to feel alienated in a primarily telecommuting environment. However, I believe the author misses a key opportunity.

If employees acclimate themselves to working from home, it seems likely to me that those that are successful at it will expand their productivity to include other processes, new initiatives and new methods.

Perhaps the greatest potential outcome is that these individuals begin to offer their services to other individuals in addition to their employer, or completely evolve and specialize their niche service to offer it entirely as their own product, branded or unbranded. This can then lead to them needing additional persons to meet demand, and their “electronic cottage” becomes a “electronic cottage industry”.