Social Media Tips and Links

People may have trouble justifying their work with social media purely from a traffic basis.

However, the greatest benefit, besides brand building and of course sales, is in great relevant, timely links often from a great number of sources.

With that in mind here are 3 tips to help guide your work.

  1. Always make sure that what you publish is a permanent URL. This means that links to your post or items within your post provide a lasting benefit.
  2. Use software and plugins that automatically distribute your content on the networks the provide linkbacks (twitter, digg, reddit, facebook)
  3. Make sure that your content provides a balance of personal and business information. It is this balance that makes your social media persona interesting and attractive!

4 reasons 3PRIME stands apart

1) In addition to tried-and-true reciprocal link building, we are also coupling this with social media promotion(digg, delicious, twitter), article submissions and blog commenting

2) We’ll want to incorporate conversion tracking to measure results

3) By properly identifying your competitive niches by keyword (i.e. town/region or type of job), we can help grow specific aspects of your business.

4) By partnering with 3PRIME, your company greatly extends its control and interest in what your web presence represents for your business. This 24/7 sales presentation can become a much more critical asset to your business.

Stop waiting and start doing, call 203-789-8229, today!

Free SEO Ranking Improvement Habits

What is a free way to get my business website ranked higher?
– Shane S. M / Tampa, FL

It’s always helpful to have more information about your domain and keywords but here are some general things you can do:

1) Make sure your home page title tag has your major keyword and regions of influence. So if you have a shoe store, you might have your title tag be:
Kids Shoes Tampa FL | Bridal shoe packages in Florida

Try and draw out a niche for yourself and try and get the best ranking you can for these more specific phrases. It’s far easier to gain a ranking for so called “long tail” search terms that specify your region.

2) Improve your link popularity, which means to get more links pointed to your homepage. Links are perhaps the most important measure of whether your website deserves a first page ranking in Google. Some methods to do this are:
a) Exchange links with other business websites in your area
b) Find stories on blogs related to your industry and comment on them, making sure you take advantage of the [Website] field when placing your comment.
c) Setup a twitter account and make posts/tweets about inner pages on your website with a link to the page.

If you spend 1-2 hours per day doing the above, you’ll see your rankings start to rise after 3 weeks and continue to as long as you remain diligent in your new, free SEO ranking improvement habits!