One of the great downsides to outsourcing business services is that once in a while, you totally lose a customer, and sometimes that customer takes the time to tell others why. Here I am!

When we first started growing our employee base, we leased a desktop from Dell to try out the experience. We ended up spending about $750 on a desktop that we could have gotten for about $375, but we paid it monthly (~$40) so it wasn’t a big deal. We had decided that we would be returning it rather than buying it, as they want another $300 for the now quite outdated equipment. We actually got a great deal on 2 Dell desktops, Vostros, and been quite happy with them.

Dell End of Lease
We got our instructions, followed them to the letter, repacking and mailing the 2 boxes (CPU and Monitor) back via USPS. I happily paid about $60 for the shipping, delivery confirmation and insurance. Especially the Delivery Confirmation!

About one month later we got a call from Dell Financial stating we were overdue on our monthly payment. We gave them our RMA number and delivery confirmation info and they said they’d check into it. We assumed after some clerical error, the matter was closed.

Then, today we get a call that we were to be referred to collections over $80 that they considered past due. So here I am stating blatantly and publicly that my company, and anyone who cares to listen, will not be doing business with Dell Financial, EVER AGAIN!.

Why we recommend not to do business with Dell Financial:

  • Over pay for the product
  • Their end of lease system is clearly flawed
  • Their customer service reps can’t solve a problem
  • Their customer care can offer no solutions, and are sans care

I will be back here if I get another call. Clearly we owe them nothing since their equipment was returned. Now it’s treading in the waters of wasting my time, may the next outsourced person who calls me about this matter be bearing a stout heart because I am going to ruin their day if they do.



  1. Haha! My dad is going to love this

  2. HEllo ! J’en parle aussi sur mes blogs. Votre point de vue est pas mal. Biz guillaume

  3. I really liked this post. You explain this topic very well. I really like your blog and I will definetly bookmark it! Keep up the super posts! 🙂