Investor to develop a great idea for a website?

How do I find a promoter or investor to develop a great idea for a website ?
– Subhash S. M / New Delhi, India

Find someone in a related industry that is successful and plan and execute a pitch to them about why they should invest in your idea.

Identifying the right person to present to is half the battle, the other half being a clear, concise presentation of your idea, what’s involved to startup and at what point business begins to break even and turn a profit.

– Subhash S. M / New Delhi, India

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Aardvark – Graduate School and GPA

Are there any tips for getting into graduate or medical school with a lower (still > 3.0) gpa?
– Kasey L. 24 / M / Nolensville, TN

I have 3 suggestions, but it’s not my area of expertise…

1) Research the professors you’d be working under
Make sure they know your purpose is not to help you get in but to find out if you are a good fit for their program. They don’t want to work with students just there for a degree, they want to form productive relationships, if you give them the opportunity, it can kill 2 birds with one stone.

2) Identify high needs by the institution you are applying to
Maybe they need to grow their bi-lingual students, maybe they want more girls, find out, it could make all the difference.

3) Make sure your cover letter and application are geared for the specific institutions
Consider your audience, they are the decision makers. What can you offer that no one else can? Failing that, what can you offer that few can?

All the best!

Aardvark Question – Advertising platform for segmentation campaign on TV

What’s the best advertising platform for segmentation campaign on TV?
– Maurilio A. 24 / M / Niteroi – RJ, Brazil

Not sure how this relates to SEO but here we go!

If you are advertising on TV, you probably have ample finances to build keyword specific domains. I am not at all familiar with marketing practices in Brazil, but I would guess that internet access is no where near as common as TV access, let me know if that’s not true.

If internet is more common with the affluent, you could have in mind that you build on the brand you advertise on TV but use your internet marketing strategy to highlight benefits of greater importance to those that have regular access to internet.

Follow these steps to bolster your TV advertising campaign with good search engine marketing

1) Identify keywords that people search online for whom you want your brand to appear
2) Purchase domains with those keywords in them, one for each major keyword phrase
3) Setup a simple website on each of these domains.
4) Ensure these websites provide methods for visitors to follow up with your company and gain greater familiarity with your brand.

We wish you all the best!

Aardvark Question – Online Advertising CPM

What’s the range of average CPM for online display ads, from low to high targeting of specific demographics?
– Rob R. M / Santa Monica, CA

The range would be from $40 for 1000 impressions on a site like up to $200/1000 impressions on high traffic, demographically targeted websites.

These are for text or image ads, the higher end of the range can include flash ads as well.