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  • RebelMouse

    Haven’t tried our hand with Rebel Mouse just yet, but the concept is definitely pretty cool – aggregate your social profiles into a single cohesive

  • Hack for Change

    My Fellow Americans – Do your civic duty and get your hack on! Hack for Change Is announcing a National Day of Civic Hacking. The dates to converge are

  • IT Reflection for the new year.

    January 1st was the 30th anniversary of the modern internet. The 1st marked the cut over to TCP/IP. Where computers had a giant impact on the way we do our work and what not TCP/IP has had and continues to have an even greater impact. Prior to TCP/IP all things were proprietary. Sharing and sending…

  • The Gamification of Science

    Videos are somewhat of a recent phenomenon but anyone who’s a fan of them know that they’re really hard to stop playing once you get started. There are plenty of reasons for this, many are immersive and are the perfect escape from realty. Others feed off of people’s natural competitive nature with scoreboards and incentives…

  • WordPress.com Hacked

    A few days ago WordPress announced that they had been hacked. Someone was able to gain deep access into several of the company’s servers which holds information of their VIP accounts. We’re talking the big boys like TechCrunch and CBS. The unknown hacker could now have access to sensitive information like Twitter and Facebook passwords.…