Better Results In Less Than 1 Month

Three weeks ago 3PRIME was contacted by an Optometrist based in Florida, who was referred to us from a longtime client. The doctor came to us looking for a way to improve his web presence.

The website he had been using at the time was static and it was nearly impossible to have it updated in a timely manner. Worst of all the site wasn’t ranked in Google so the amount of people accessing it was extremely limited.

So 3PRIME took the static site and rebuilt it as a WordPress website and launched it on Friday 1/20/2012. We checked back on it just this morning and found out that the homepage had been spidered in Google along with four other inner pages.

When we searched for the primary term that we built into the revamped homepage even we were surprised by what we saw. You can see from the picture insert how the website shot through the ranking. If you’re interested in results like this then make sure to contact 3PRIME.

Services provided

  • Setup new hosting
  • Domain management to build on a temporary subdomain
  • Setup WordPress with a simple but powerful theme
  • Reorganized existing content, which was plentiful and created new pages
  • SEO focused on the page names and URLs, as well as the organization of content
  • Took lengthy FAQ page and broke into over 30 individual pages, providing lots of SEO potential
  • Incorporated existing images and color scheme, as this was not a redesign project
  • Rebuilt appointment form and added contact form
  • Provided reformatted website to client for review and received approval from the client to launch the website.

There's A Lot To Be Thankful For

For starters, we’re thankful for our families, and for a change of scenery. And we’re also very thankful for our clients and the other relationships we’ve been able to forge through this company’s history. This time of year is always good for looking back and seeing how far we’ve come.

And with that in mind, the staff here at 3PRIME would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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3PRIME Rebuilds Ecologics' Website

Recently we began work with EcoLogics Energy Solutions. They’re a local company based out of Westport. They specialize in home insulation and since 40 percent of heating and cooling costs come from poorly insulated homes they’re able to reduce utility costs significantly. We overhauled their entire site and rebuilt it as a WordPress site. This makes it easier for them to make changes to it and add content as they see fit. We also did a good deal of improving the site by widening it’s format, creating a contact form and building a drop-down menu for the top nav. You can view the new site here.