4 Reasons Most SEO Experts are Proficient in Using Microsoft Excel

If you’ve ever spent a little while reading some of the many SEO blogs, journals and magazines online, you’ve undoubtedly seen at least one or two guides showing you how to use special Excel spreadsheets to streamline all sorts of analytical, organizational and strategy-related tasks.


The widespread usage of Microsoft Excel in the SEO industry is far more than a trend. It is a practical a necessity. Spreadsheets and their formulas give SEO professionals the highest level of control over campaign-critical data analysis and reporting.


If you’re still not sure why Excel is considered by many to be a must-have tool for SEO, consider the following:

1. It Saves Time and Effort

First and foremost, Excel is mostly loved for its ability to save the user a tremendous amount of time and effort. With all data centralized into a highly flexible and customizable interface consisting of rows, columns, and cells, it is possible to gain the most complete view of every campaign’s most important attributes in the quickest and most convenient manner possible. Excel makes sorting and interpreting data about as easy as it can get.

2. Most SEO Firms List Excel Proficiency as a Job Requirement

If you’re ever browsing for jobs in the SEO field, one of the main requirements you’ll notice that most firms have is proficiency with Excel. In basic terms, if you don’t know how to use Excel, good luck getting a job in SEO. That alone should tell you just how beneficial Excel can be in your own SEO endeavours. If you truly aspire to reach your full potential in SEO and marketing, it is strongly suggested that you read up on using Excel, especially articles with an SEO focus.

3. Spreadsheets Make it Possible to Centralize and Organize Data

Excel is so widely used in the SEO community because it can import data from a wide variety of sources. SEO professionals often use multiple analytical tools to keep track of keyword and linking stats (i.e – OpenSiteExplorer, Google Analytics, Etc.). Instead of having to switch back and forth between interfaces, the best solution is to export the data from each tool in the form of a .TSV, .CSV, or other Excel compatible format. Once exported, the data from each different tool can be imported into a single “master spreadsheet” for maximum efficiency.

4. It Will Make You a Master of Strategy and Planning

Another huge advantage Excel offers is the ability to brainstorm and create robust content and keyword strategies. You can put together lists of titles, topic ideas, URLs, site names, notes and any other useful components that will help you develop a more enveloping strategy. Excel can also be used to quickly build amazing keyword lists.

Remember that Excel is Only as Capable as the User Controlling It

Excel is one of those tools that can be practically useless to someone who has no clue what they’re doing. On the other hand, for the person who is diligent enough to learn how to use all of its features, Excel will reward with unparalleled level of data control and analysis.

The SEO Mailbag

We receive a lot of questions at our site, and we’re happy to answer them–it allows us to get in touch with potential customers and also, at the very least, provide people with some good advice.

Recently, we received a question from Carrie B. about an issue that I’m sure many of us have wondered about at one time or another.

The Question:
Subject: Mobile Development
I want to create an increase in my income situation, can you please help?

3PRIME provides services to help businesses increase their visibility and the ability of customers who go to their web properties to become customers. To figure out where we would recommend you make investments, here are several questions, and you can give me a call to review them.

  • What is your website domain?
  • Why do you think your customers would be better served with a mobile optimized website?
  • How do customers find you?
  • Are there particular keywords that potential customers might use to find your products/services?

Have a similar question to this one? Well don’t hesitate to contact us.

Senator Rockefeller Warns Google, Microsoft And Yahoo: Dodgy Movers Are Using SEO To Game Your Systems | TechCrunch

Senator Rockefeller Warns Google, Microsoft And Yahoo: Dodgy Movers Are Using SEO To Game Your Systems | TechCrunch.

John D. Rockefeller, the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, late on Tuesday sent letters to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo alerting them to how their search engines are being gamed through search engine optimization Continue »

Project for Larry Dominguez and Armor-Tite

We recently began work for Larry Dominguez, the co-owner of Armor-Tite Construction Corp. He wanted our help in increasing the online prominence of not just Armor-Tite but himself as the face of the company. To this end we created several social media profiles for him and his company. The first one being the Larry Dominguez Google+ account. We also helped him set up his blog, a Twitter and a Linkedin profile. Larry is an avid outdoorsman and its been fun hearing him retell some of his stories. You can see a few of his mountain climbing pictures below and see even more on his Pinterest account. Continue »

3PRIME to Begin SEO Promotion for Capcatchers International

Earlier this year, Capcatcher’s owners met with 3PRIME to discuss utilizing our search engine optimization services. Capcatchers produces an ingenious product which is called, you guessed it, Capcatchers. Capcatchers are personalized, wall mountable bottle openers, which catch all of the caps sheared from bottles. They make very unique groomsmen gifts and 3PRIME co-owners Ryan and Cornel have been using them long before they were contacted by the company.

Needless to say, we’re really excited about the project and it is always a great opportunity to work with another Connecticut based small business.

Does Facebook have anything to do with seo?

The short answer is yes FB has implications on rankings. The big question is how you use it.

1) Improve the placement of your FB page
2) Trying to use FB to improve the placement of your website.

If your goal is #1, then there are various traditional SEO activities you can do. You then need to concern yourself with what people can do once they get there.

If you are only worried about #2, then the only thing to do is to get the FB pages ranked more highly, so that the few links to your website are worth more.

In either case you’re going to be building the prominence of the FB page, but why you are doing it is the most critical question to answer. This will determine your course of action.

AboutUs.org Profiles by 3PRIME

AboutUs.org is the world’s largest wiki directory of websites and a great way to promote a site. 3PRIME is able to build an AboutUs.org profile for your business in order to increase its exposure. We’ve just completed an AboutUs.org entry for KoonsFord.com which you can view here.

If you’re interested in having 3PRIME create or optimize an AboutUs.org profile for you then feel free to contact us.

3PRIME Helps New Site Soar in the Rankings

Only two months ago we began working for a site which was launched in August of 2010. And since beginning work for them, their new website has gone from nowhere, to first page for their top 2-word phrase. The services we performed for the site included consulting, on-page SEO optimization and link building through press releases and article submissions.

And we’re not done! For the final month of our engagement, 3PRIME will be employing targeted reciprocal link building. So far it’s looking very promising that this site, which isn’t even a year old, could rank #1 for its most competitive 2 word phrase.

Does your site need a boost? If so contact 3PRIME and we’ll work with you to build a growth action plan to help your site thrive.