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Anyone familiar with search engine optimization knows that the landscape and the methods employed are all changing. With recent updates by Google like Panda, the focus has been squarely placed on the importance of content in website rankings. Here at 3PRIME, we’ve always focused on quality content creation as part of all of our marketing efforts, which has helped us thrive in this ever changing environment. But are you wondering what the varied moving parts of an effective content marketing machine look like? If so, take a gander at the infographic below. Continue »

How do I completely learn SEO?

Am interested in learning SEO completely am an B-tech Graduate, what should be my key skills?
– Arun P. 24 / M / Chennai, India

Learning SEO Completely is a tall order. You’re going to need to learn from experience. Start by picking a goal, a keyword you want to earn a first page ranking in Google. Make it a phrase with 5-6 words so it won’t take 6 months for results. Then, build the best page/result you can make for it. You’ll need useful content and inbounds links to your page to earn a Google ranking.

On a philosophical note, SEO may not be learned completely since what works changes regularly. That said, our long held general approach to SEO has remained the same since 2004

The best answer for the implied question in a given keyword phrase will be preferred by search engines. The best answer is well written, well-optimized and has lots of references to it from other informative website resources.

Good luck with your new project!

aio-seo pack for wordpress and the %post_title% as text

I ran into this issue for someone this week when cleearing out issues from Google webmaster tools. specifically I was trying to remove the problem of duplicate descriptions for web pages from their blog posts. here’s what All-in-One-SEO has for the meta description setting:


Here’s what I wanted it to do:


But what it did was put add this text to the beginning of my meta description tag!

I tried several other combinations, no luck. so I contacted the plugin developer and said:

Referring to this thread:
I have a client using this plugin, the free version, and I cannot get the meta description in posts to display the %post_title%. I was wondering if this bug was fixed in the pro version.

In their second response I gleened the following solution! Put this as your description:


And Viola! My post title, pulled in using the variable “%wp_title%” is included in my meta description. Thanks Semper Fi Web Design, great plugin and valueble support responses!

New website underway

You can see the latest addition to the network of websites that we support:

Connecticut Tattoos and Piercings

This website supports the marketing efforts underway for New Haven Tattoo studio Graphic Images. Graphic Images offers one of the strongest portfolios of tattoo artists anywhere in the Tri-state area and serves New Haven county, Hartford county and tattoo enthusiasts from Boston and New York who travel I-95 based on the strength of the body art they demonstrate.

3PRIME provided complete copywriting, CMS website setup and will be uploading graphics to the portfolio in the coming days. From there, this website will serve as a significant asset in the company’s online marketing efforts.
This website is provided with our managed hosting service.

Note to those that have bought from

We were notified by Best Buy that the company they use to send emails to their customers had some of their files compromised. Best Buy claims the files only contained customer’s email addresses and that no other information was accessed.

The entire email was well written, upfront and honest. It’s a great example of a company treating their email recipients with respect. Hopefully, nothing serious comes of this breach but as far as public relations go they made a good first step.
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Affordable niche in Google's Paywall for SmallBiz

Can Small Businesses Find an Affordable Niche in Google’s Paywall Service?

Discussion started over at SEW

Google always gives prominence first to paying customers (PPC above natural results) and second to what it deems are the most relevant results.

Let’s say that now when we produce valuable content on a client’s website, we have the opportunity to collect a fee. If a customer of Google’s paywall clicks and “accepts the charges”, supposedly we as the publisher of valuable information gain a dominant share of the fee.

This shows a great potential for businesses to invest more greatly in researching and publishing quality content. Of course it could also mean that writing a great headline could earn you the same fees rather than focus on the content behind the paywall…

Let’s look at it another way. I publish great content and offer it via RSS feed to other websites to increase my traffic. Will the paywall only be enacted if the visitor enters by Google referral?

Many questions certainly but I truly hope that Google succeeds in developing a working model for paid content. The dumbing down of literature and culture badly needs a buttress against the hammering of small opinions writ large.

Semi-Recent Trends in Website Design

I’ve been offline for almost 6 months and trying to catch up again. What would be 3 noteworthy changes/updates in web design during that time?

– Jörg B. 28 / M / Copenhagen, Denmark

3 significant developments in recent months are:

1) Simpler messages incorporated into large homepage presentation layer
2) Incorporation of video into websites
3) Incorporation of social media iconography and connections into websites