Message to Congress: Say NO to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Treaty

Below is a proposed Form Letter to send to congressional officials of your state in regards to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Treaty…

Message to Congress: Say NO to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Treaty


As a citizen of these United States, I find that the circumstances surrounding the formation of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Treaty are so morally and constitutionally reprehensible that it is my civic duty to contact you in hopes of persuading your support of opposing the proposed Treaty, as ACTA clearly 1) violates the sovereignty of independent nations, 2) renders Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and subsequently, the citizenry, as puppets of international law, and 3) introduces an atmosphere of fear and complete elimination of Internet privacy through an elevated panoptic observation of Internet Activities.

It is thoroughly inappropriate to allow industry to secretly craft bills like this one. Therefore, you MUST side with citizens on this. To do otherwise is a violation of your office.

Yours Truly and Most Sincerely,


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Unf**king believably, an international Anti-Piracy Treaty is being negotiated increasingly secretively (and Lobbied for intently by the RIAA and MPAA), which holds dire international ramifications for ISPs and subsequently, for citizens, here in the US, and worldwide.

In essence, ISPs will be found liable for customers who purportedly are found perpetrating piracy of copyrighted materials. What’s more, The Treaty establishes liability for ISPs when issuance of copyright violations notices are furnished to said-ISPs without a requisite merit of proof being supplied to support copyright infringement claims therein.

This treaty is undeniably dangerous on many grounds, most directly in the nature by which due process is circumvented, and indirectly, in the risk posed to the privacy of consumers, not to mention the indentured servitude ISPs will be forced into.

Contact your Elected Officials and register your dissent to this international Treaty currently being deliberated! THIS is truly a cause worth fighting for, one that beckons the call of a United American Citizenry to heed the cause of liberty and stand in defiance for its preservation! Similarly, be prepared to contact your ISPs to express concern for this Treaty, and likewise be prepared to boycott ISPs who are not willing to fight such inexorable and despotic chicanery!

More to come later…


Good Night, and Good Luck

Update: Link to Form Letter for Contacting Members of Congress: