Google to offer credit card for Adwords

Providing small businesses the opportunity to quickly ramp up their advertising spending, that’s Google’s latest venture.

The Adwords Mastercard overview:

  • Launched & available as a “beta test” and were sent out Wednesday July 20, 2011 to select customers
  • Available should favor small and medium-sized business, but might be wider
  • Fairly Low 8.99 ongoing (not introductory) annual percentage rate
  • Issued by: issued by the World Financial Capital Bank
  • Attractive Credit Line, yet to be announced but likely based on adwords spend
  • No Annual Fee

Would you consider this for your business? Would you promote a new product or product line with it just to try it out? Need a new website to advertise? Call in the Pros!

Adwords performance and quality score

I’m trying to get ads to perform better on my adwords account. Should I remove keywords from ad groups that have a low quality score?

– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

Quality Score is a function of:

1) Relevance of ad copy to keywords
2) Relevance of landing page to keywords
3) Relevance of landing page to ad copy
4) Quality of landing page

You can improve your qscore by

1) Make tightly focused ad groups with smaller numbers of keywords in each.
2) Make sure your landing page is about the specific keywords your using in ad copy and bids
3) Improve your ad copy to use your keywords and related phrases

what do you mean by a “smaller number of keywords”
– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

For a single ad group, keep your keywords to 7 or less, this enables you to tailor the ad copy to the keywords you’re bidding on.

Adwords reading for beginners

I believe I am spending about $2 per click with Google but some of the site is a little confusing and it seems that I might be wasting my money … Is there a good source of information to help learn setting up adwords that you would suggest?

Here’s a couple of sets of results:



Pay the most attention to google forums and webpages for learning how to navigate the platform.

Quickest Source of Website Traffic?

What the quickest sources of website traffic (paid and free) ?
– Joel B. M / Marseilles, France

In terms of speed, nothing beats Pay-Per-Click.

You can setup an adwords account in 1 day, create your campaign and have your ads on Google within hours. This is for paid traffic.

For free traffic via SEO, I think that we are pretty fast, meaning we can get you in Google for your domain name, or name of your business within a week or 2. Competing for general phrases takes months and shortcuts are generally not to be trusted. Short term goals like your service plus cities and towns nearby (4-6 word phrases) i.e.

North haven ct seo company

Can usually be earned in a matter of weeks.

So if speed is the primary factor, PPC is the service for you. 3PRIME can help you create the account, or campaign or both.