How do I completely learn SEO?

Am interested in learning SEO completely am an B-tech Graduate, what should be my key skills?
– Arun P. 24 / M / Chennai, India

Learning SEO Completely is a tall order. You’re going to need to learn from experience. Start by picking a goal, a keyword you want to earn a first page ranking in Google. Make it a phrase with 5-6 words so it won’t take 6 months for results. Then, build the best page/result you can make for it. You’ll need useful content and inbounds links to your page to earn a Google ranking.

On a philosophical note, SEO may not be learned completely since what works changes regularly. That said, our long held general approach to SEO has remained the same since 2004

The best answer for the implied question in a given keyword phrase will be preferred by search engines. The best answer is well written, well-optimized and has lots of references to it from other informative website resources.

Good luck with your new project!

Adwords performance and quality score

I’m trying to get ads to perform better on my adwords account. Should I remove keywords from ad groups that have a low quality score?

– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

Quality Score is a function of:

1) Relevance of ad copy to keywords
2) Relevance of landing page to keywords
3) Relevance of landing page to ad copy
4) Quality of landing page

You can improve your qscore by

1) Make tightly focused ad groups with smaller numbers of keywords in each.
2) Make sure your landing page is about the specific keywords your using in ad copy and bids
3) Improve your ad copy to use your keywords and related phrases

what do you mean by a “smaller number of keywords”
– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

For a single ad group, keep your keywords to 7 or less, this enables you to tailor the ad copy to the keywords you’re bidding on.

Names for anniversary events

Question from Aardvark this morning, first one in a while actually…

can anyone suggest some creative name for the entertainment event on the anniversary of a company?
– Janaki Manohar P. 23 / M / Lawrence, KS

Without knowing the company, audience, or year of anniversary, I think you’ll get less relevant responses.


  • Gazing with Inspired Eyes
  • Lemons from Lemonade (What we’ve done in the past year)
  • Fruits of our Labor

CMS Website for Advertising Agency

What’s the best CMS for an ad agency website, complete with multiple blogs and password-protected areas?

– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE

Sounds like you have a big project on your hands. I think the most important thing to consider is that any one product that handles multiple blogs and group level access may have too many moving parts, be over developed, or be packaged software that requires extensive customization.

I’d recommend you carefully consider the various elements you need, why you’d want separate blogs, and what information needs to be password protected. I’d suggest you’d be better served by multiple, simple solutions than trying to force one of the popular open-source CMS’ to fit your mold.


– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE

Web Design Statistics

Where can I find statistics on why Web Design and User Experience matters?
– Jed H. 31 / M / Portland, OR

I like this article:

How does user experience affect your company?

Bottom line though is that you already know that useful and pleasing presentation makes 100% of the difference between whether a website visitors stays or goes, whether they call or click, or whether they back out.

Thats true. But good stats to back that up would go a long way in selling design services 🙂 This is the best site I have seen so far. Thanks
– Jed H. 31 / M / Portland, OR

After a slow beginning of 2010, 3PRIME has signed up 4 new web design clients in the past 10 business days. It’s not the statistics that did it, business owners know what they need. Once they find a reliable, clear-spoken advocate for their business that ALSO helps them transform their vision into a website, they’ll move on it.

Great job 3PRIME team!

Find a web design company

business owner, where would you look to find a web design company to build a website for your business.
– Mike S. 26 / M / New York, NY

Our company, 3PRIME, LLC in North Haven CT, makes websites. One of our particular skills is fitting keyword goals, business goals and budget together to make a perfect fit for our clients.

Consider this. You are looking for a business website. You could look at:

1) Search engines, find a local company that you can meet with, this helps ensure that your needs and their abilities are clearly communicated.

2) Websites you like and contact the company that built it, this can eliminate time and effort in getting a custom website design.

3) Freelancers, can carry a lot of unknowns, but may be more affordable.

Those are all places to look. However, what you may or may not find is someone to make sure you are buying just what you need.

I also recommend that you place a priority on being able to develop a great relationship because there’s no reason your website should sit idle once complete. Make your new website part of your business development plan!

Free SEO Ranking Improvement Habits

What is a free way to get my business website ranked higher?
– Shane S. M / Tampa, FL

It’s always helpful to have more information about your domain and keywords but here are some general things you can do:

1) Make sure your home page title tag has your major keyword and regions of influence. So if you have a shoe store, you might have your title tag be:
Kids Shoes Tampa FL | Bridal shoe packages in Florida

Try and draw out a niche for yourself and try and get the best ranking you can for these more specific phrases. It’s far easier to gain a ranking for so called “long tail” search terms that specify your region.

2) Improve your link popularity, which means to get more links pointed to your homepage. Links are perhaps the most important measure of whether your website deserves a first page ranking in Google. Some methods to do this are:
a) Exchange links with other business websites in your area
b) Find stories on blogs related to your industry and comment on them, making sure you take advantage of the [Website] field when placing your comment.
c) Setup a twitter account and make posts/tweets about inner pages on your website with a link to the page.

If you spend 1-2 hours per day doing the above, you’ll see your rankings start to rise after 3 weeks and continue to as long as you remain diligent in your new, free SEO ranking improvement habits!

Quickest Source of Website Traffic?

What the quickest sources of website traffic (paid and free) ?
– Joel B. M / Marseilles, France

In terms of speed, nothing beats Pay-Per-Click.

You can setup an adwords account in 1 day, create your campaign and have your ads on Google within hours. This is for paid traffic.

For free traffic via SEO, I think that we are pretty fast, meaning we can get you in Google for your domain name, or name of your business within a week or 2. Competing for general phrases takes months and shortcuts are generally not to be trusted. Short term goals like your service plus cities and towns nearby (4-6 word phrases) i.e.

North haven ct seo company

Can usually be earned in a matter of weeks.

So if speed is the primary factor, PPC is the service for you. 3PRIME can help you create the account, or campaign or both.