Creating Content That Works

Anyone familiar with search engine optimization knows that the landscape and the methods employed are all changing. With recent updates by Google like Panda, the focus has been squarely placed on the importance of content in website rankings. Here at 3PRIME, we’ve always focused on quality content creation as part of all of our marketing efforts, which has helped us thrive in this ever changing environment. But are you wondering what the varied moving parts of an effective content marketing machine look like? If so, take a gander at the infographic below. Continue »

Google Buys Zagat, But What Does This Mean For YOU?

Here at 3PRIME we’ve taken a dedicated approach to Local Marketing. Much of the reason we’ve gone this route is because of Google’s focus on connecting users with local businesses. In large part, this change has seen the rise of Google Places, where businesses show off their location as well as reviews submitted by customers. Google has just taken a step to increase the importance of their local listings by purchasing Zagat Ratings. Continue »

3PRIME creates Google Places for Image Paint & Power Washing

Google connects millions of people each day to a wide array of different businesses and services. One of the interesting ways they do this is with Google Places. 3PRIME has been setting up and optimizing Google Places accounts for our customers for over a year now.

Our Google Places service includes claiming and optimizing the places pages, and then promoting them through a variety of methods that have been tested to offer the greatest benefit for our clients. Recently, 3PRIME set up the Google Places account for Image Paint & Powerwashing. They’re based out of Brandford, CT and as always, we’re honored to work with a local company.

All Your Image Are Belong To Us

Has anyone seen the new Google Image search lately? I did one today and it was honestly jarring at first. I had a severe “Wait, where am I?” moment and I had to check my URL. The image description and titles are gone, unless you scroll over one, which enlarges it and makes it “pop out” from the rest of the results. Also, moving from one results page to another is seamless and I can scroll from page 1 to 20 in about ten seconds.

The new results page for image searches is really aesthetically pleasing (don’t believe me? Check out this search I did on waterfalls) and I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. What do you guys think?

Google Everything Alerts Tip

I mainly use Google alerts for Link alerts, to see when Google “publicly” acknowledges that they have discovered a link to a specific domain or URL. I also use web alerts to find instances of content mentioned certain phrases.

Google has now announced that they are re-naming these. So now web alerts will be everything alerts, and most likely we won’t experience any significant change in our usage and benefits from this free service.

I do think it is notable that this follows the changes to their SERPs, the pages on which valuable keyword placed results are displayed to potential customers. As SERPs become more varied, displaying “everything” results (video, blog comments, items from gmail connected users) this has got expose in greater detail the way that they connect all this recorded content together around it’s keywords, and fence off what is “of interest” for you, as the creater of the everything alert.