5 best ways to improve web content for ranking in Google

When you want the content to be good, you need to learn the best writing techniques on the Internet. By studying how to write for the SEO, you can produce quality content that creates consumer confidence with your audience, which can contribute to brand-new, loyal buyers, and sales.

In this article, we will discuss five ways of writing for the web and cover the fundamentals of online writing that will help your organization produce excellent content that will help you improve your Google ranking.

1. Know more about your audience

It is important that you consider your target before you produce any material for your web. Your audience is reading your post. You want to make sure the material resonates with them. Your main market is targeted towards consumers involved in the goods or services.

You will see who uses your resources to consider the audience’s characteristics or who sells your goods. Knowing the activities, preferences, demographic statistics, problems and more for the market is important. You know how to touch them with your material, because you know your audience. You should realize from your company what your audience needs, and build content that resonates with them.

Understanding your audience is very critical, so that you can use a language and tone that resounds with them. You want to be appropriate for and cater to the viewers. Using their words and speak sound helps you more relevant to the audience. If you choose to implement published best practices for the site, begin by defining your target market. It’ll help lead you through persuasive content development.

2. Optimize your SEO content

Some of the most important aspects of site publishing is preparing your material for SEO. If you want people to find your stuff, you need to customize it to show up on sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing in search results.

Let’s look through several of the best practices to automate the SEO content:


Keywords cause the page to show up in specific search results. You want to pick long-tail keywords, including three or more phrases, to make the material shown in the search results. If writing on the Internet, you’ll want keywords to be embedded into your sites to help your readers locate your material.

Link building:

External links allow you to hold your website visitors longer, which will increase the rating of your website and enable more users to access your material. Through linking to other related pages on your website, you provide more detail to your audience and help them familiarize themselves with your brand. Use a link maker to produce quality links for your website.

3. Use plagiarism free content

As you build new sites and articles for your web, revising your articles is important. You would like to add error-prone pages on your website. Through editing your material, you’ll have clean copies for your audience.

It is important that you do not instantly edit the content after you have published it. Missing mistakes would be that the knowledge is already new on your head. Waiting for a couple of hours and uploading it, or making someone else check it for you, is safest.

Use a tool like grammar checker to help you identify and correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes if you choose to edit instantly. Although this won’t help you test the truth of your post, it will help you create a clean piece of paper.

While writing for a website, check your content for plagiarism and make sure it is plagiarism-free. Plagiarized content is very bad for your ranking. Use a plagiarism checker to check your content for plagiarism.

4. Write short but comprehensive paragraphs

Keeping the material digestible to your audience is important if you’re writing for the web. By creating a material that is dense, you will easily lose confidence in your audience. You’ll want to switch between short and long sentences while writing website material. In the most part, use simple phrases to get right to the point. This lets you dodge misleading stuff or fluff.

If the sentences are too lengthy, then you risk losing the focus of your audience. We can miss the way the sentence started or the paragraph meaning. The simple phrases are simpler to learn and comprehend. As for your articles, holding them at 2-3 sentences is easiest. If you have 6-8 sentence paragraphs, it will make your page appear daunting. Your viewer does not want to read the material because that’s going to be overwhelming.

You make the material easy to read and follow along by making short paragraphs. Your viewers can interpret the material quickly, or skim it. Formatting the material into short paragraphs provides a smoother experience for your viewers. Use a paraphrasing tool to properly paraphrase your content.

5. Use valuable content first

It is crucial that you first communicate the most valuable details while making content and writing for new sites. Your audience has a limited period of time, so they can leave your site before they read your complete post.

You’ll place the most useful and relevant knowledge first with the inverted pyramid process. Most businesses make the error of carrying their most significant argument right to the top. To hold the users on the page longer, they seek to build up excitement to their most critical level. The reality is that it does the reverse. If you’re not placing the most valuable content first, the viewers won’t be able to remain on your website. The client is less inclined to continue on your website if they are unable to access the details they need.

Let’s assume you write an article about restaurants. Talk about what the audience wants to see from the content before you launch. You want the most important details to be brought in first. In this scenario, a restaurant checklist can be given to your readers in the first part of your post, accompanied by a segment outlining what each restaurant is offering. The final section of your article could concentrate on the various services of restaurants.

When somebody didn’t have time to read the post, they might take a fast peek at the beginning of the document and scroll down to the end and leave. Such users can still return to your article for more detail. Using this approach to render writing effectively for a website is very useful. This approach should ensure that you first offer the most important knowledge to your readers, which will allow them to start reading.


It is important that you adopt best practices when developing website content for the web to help you thrive. You want to make sure you put quality content out for your audience when you are writing for a website.

Give Your Website a Refresh

From the latest Google Livestream from March 6, 2019, we learned the 5 ways in which we can hit the ‘refresh’ button on our website. If you feel like your site is not getting much traffic, is not performing well or just needs an overall spring cleanup, then these 5 Google practices for refreshing your website are just for you!

  1. Refreshing Your Site – If you do a site search of your site using site:yourdomainname, you can see which pages are showing up and which may need to be improved. Page titles should be descriptive to what the page is about without keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will look like spam to Google, which will hurt your site’s overall presence.

    You can buy a 3-hour package and get a solid refresh done for under $300. Check out CTWebDevelopment Services for more information and to order.
  2. Creating a Sitemap – You should also create a sitemap; this will help to navigate any pages missing by Google linking them to the correct landing pages. The landing pages should be put in a standard template in the navigation. With a sitemap XML file, it will help to provide Google with enough information it needs to crawl and index pages.
  3. Updating Image Names and Descriptions – You can further help search engines like Google by optimizing any image files and Alt text. Choose file names that fully describe the image and not vague names like ‘image1.jpg’. Alt text will help the accessibility of the site and optimized images will further help your site get noticed.
  4. Website Security – if your site is not secured, this is an easy way to chase away website traffic. Many visitors do not want to visit a site that is not secured. In fact, 85% of consumers say that protection from malicious websites is their biggest concern when it comes to protecting their information. With Google Chrome, 3 signs are shown for site security:
    • Dangerous – A red triangle in the left corner means the site is in danger of releasing your personal info.
    • Not Secure – A ‘Not Secure’ image of an ‘i’ with a circle around it means there is not a private connection – another way data can be leaked.
    • Secure – Your business ultimately wants to have the gray ‘secure’ lock to protect both you and your customers. Ask your web provider to help by providing your site security.
    • 3PRIME hosting customers get a free SSL with your hosting, so if you want a simple solution to this, check out 3PManagedHosting.com, or give us a call for assistance setting up a 3rd party SSL!
  5. Be Mobile Friendly – Besides web security, another issue that chases visitors away is if your site is not optimized for mobile use. This will slow down the user’s speed and make it difficult to view content. Ultimately you want fast page loading speed, organized content and easy navigation. By searching for a ‘Test my site’ tool on Google, you can determine how well your site is performing on mobile devices.

By searching for a ‘Test my site’ tool on Google, you can determine how well your site is performing on mobile devices.

With these 5 tips, you are refreshing your site for better rankings on Google and better performance for potential customers. These tips will help your site to be direct with the exact content on it, so Google can easily identify and direct traffic to your landing pages. If you need help with any of these tips with from providing website security to optimizing your site for mobile use, contact 3PRIME today!


You Can Report Robocalls Promoting Google Local Optimization

When I first started managing websites, a client once called me in panic. He told me that he had received a letter from someone that said he owed them several hundred dollars for submitting his website to search engines. Even though I was an online marketing beginner, I was pretty sure that the Internet didn’t work this way. I went to my client’s office where he showed me the letter. It was a crude looking invoice that said the charges were for “submitting your website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo”. After I assured my client that it was a scam, I did some investigating. I looked up the return address and found out it was for a storage lot near Niagara Falls. I called the owner of the storage lot and he seemed just as confused as I was. Either way, I let it go and told all my other clients to disregard letters like this.

Since then, I’ve noticed a lot of scammers taking advantage of people’s ignorance. When it comes to scams related to search engines, it usually involves trying to get people to pay money for services that are free.

What To Do About Google Robocalls?

In the last few months, our office has gotten numerous robocalls saying that our Google listing is unverified and we should press 1 to speak to a rep who can help us solve this problem. If this was from a legitimate company, they probably would have noticed that our listing is indeed verified and that we operate Spider Gourmet, an SEO company that specializes in this sort of thing.

3PRIME optimized google my business listing

At first, I just hung up when I got these calls. But then they became more numerous so I decided to do something about it. The next time I got a Google listing robocall, I pressed the option to speak to a rep. I asked him “Do you know that you’re calling an SEO company?” He feigned ignorance. I asked him politely, but firmly, to stop calling us. He got defensive and said I was being disrespectful. Not wanting to hear any more nonsense, I hung up on him. In the next few weeks, we still got several more of these calls but they eventually stopped.

Now, I’m a SEO professional and was able to know when I was being lied to. However, not everyone else is in this position. Our clients have also complained that they have also been receiving these calls. Many of my friends have also asked me about these calls as well. This enrages me because Google My Business (the service that handles your Google listing) is and has always been a free service. If you are going to pay to have an SEO company do it for you, it should be a company you know and trust, not one that relies on unsolicited robocalls. These companies using Google’s name are trying to get business, or worse, trying to steal personal information.

Recently, Google has taken notice of these robocalls:

“This year, we’ve received hundreds of complaints from users about illegal robocalls they’ve received from callers claiming to be affiliated with Google. They often promote misleading offers for improving users Google My Business profiles or search ranking. These calls are not from Google, and we’re making sure our clients know how to report them. Should you ever receive this type of call, you can report them directly here.”

To further help users, Google has set up a place to report these robocalls. If you receive one of these calls, be sure to write down anything about the call, such as the phone number, the company name, and any other identifiable information. Then fill out this form. By each of us doing our part, we can work together to put a stop to this dishonest practice.

Google’s Mystery Announcement is a mystery no more!

Well folks today our fearless internet overlord Google made some fresh announcements.

NEW Nexus 7 tablet  will be available in 3 models: the 16gb Wifi for 229, the 32 GB wifi model for 269, and 32 GB LTE model for 349. The Wifi Model will start shipping on July 30th, with the LTE model shipping in “coming weeks”.

Upgraded specs from the last one (which ran pretty damn nice for the $$):

Also announced today brand new version of jelly bean.  Version 4.3 is available today for all google devices and the samsung galaxy.

Key Features:

  • New to Android 4.3: advanced multi-user support, bringing in “restricted profiles”. Restricted profiles lets parents limit what their child’s account can do. (Same thing the kindle has recently been advertising.  Why you say? Cause kindle is android based silly.)
  • Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth low-energy.
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics system, allowing for considerably more detail in games; according to Hugo, they’re the first to support it.
  • Watching 1080p content on a tablet is great, but most of the content you get today is actually standard definition. This is because the lack of DRM. With Android 4.3, Google’s introducing hardware-level encryption for DRM. The first group Google’s partnering with this is Netflix, allowing you to stream 1080p netflix content to your Android device.
  • The original Nexus 7, the nexus 4, the galaxy nexus, and the nexus 10 will start to get Android 4.3 today.

Another important update comes to the Google Play store which will begin carrying a comprehensive collection of text books from all 5 major publishing houses. Books can be purchased, or rented for 6 months at a time. Text books will be available in early august.

BUT, the biggest announcement is Chromecast.  Chromecast is a tiny, itty-bitty dongle that runs a simplified version of Chrome OS.  Chromecast integrates into the apps you already use on your tablet, phone, or PC. You push a chromecast button, and it pushes that video to your TV. It’s like Apple’s airplay.  Chromecast will play friendly with the iPhone, not just Android.  You can continue to use your phone independently; once the video is playing on your TV, you can use your phone for other tasks. Even if you sleep the phone, the video keeps playing. You can pause/skip videos from the lockscreen.  If you’ve got multiple devices all connected to Chromecast, Chromecast won’t be tied to any of them. You can pause on your iPhone, for example, pick up your tablet, and immediately take control and begin playing from the same place.

On a side note to the Chomecast stuff.  Myself and another of other dev’s I work with spent a good hour today chatting about this part of the announcement.  The conversation was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride.  At first we were all stoked simply because we had postalized that Google might announce this type of functionality because its been sorely missing for far too long.  But as we spoke more about how it worked and read in between the tech lines our excitement faded as a feeling of “MEH, its pretty cool but what about this, what about that..” set in.  Its a HUGE step up from the ill fated Google Q that was a major POS but the Chromecast is still missing actual screen mirroring.  WHY GOOGLE WHY!!!!!  So at this point your gonna have to wait for ALL of your favorite app developers to add the Chrome Play button to their apps BEFORE you can play Angry Birds on the big screen but hey for $35 its worth it if you don’t already have a smart TV, playstation, Xbox or Apple TV hooked up (Which covers about 90% of the population).

All that being said, I will let you know in three days time after mine arrives….HA



Webinar on 6/25 w/ Forrester: Wearables – The Next Frontier of Mobile

Ever wonder whats next for mobile?  Smartphones feeling old hat? Then why not make a smart hat or hop on the google train and code some GoogleGlass.

TUESDAY 6/25 we have another webinar focused on Google Glass and smart use cases for professionals that need to be hands-free (think policemen, EMTs, surgeons, firefighters, pilots, etc.). Joining us for the webinar will be Sarah Rottman Epps, Senior Analyst, Forrester (I’ve attached two of her reports for your reference).

Link to register (Hey its free): http://www.mutualmobile.com/webinars/google-glass

What is Not Provided in Google Analytics Keyword Report?

Here’s a question about the organic search report in Google Analytics we get occasionally:

Do you know of any reason why in Google Analytics we cannot see a search term that is gaining us clicks? For example, I was looking at April 1-9 and the number 1 search term for our business website is “not provided”. Just curious as to what this means.

“Not Provided” refers to a visitor whose privacy settings prevent their information from being recorded by Google analytics. The primary type of visitor who falls into this category is someone who is logged into their google/gmail account.

Managing Multiple Google Places Locations

Does your business have multiple locations? One of our favorite clients, Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation, has 4, 2 in Connecticut, one in Florida and one in Massachusetts.

One of our initiatives this year was to expand their local marketing. We recently got the MA roofing contractor page approved by Google and are proceeding with promotion. The Florida roofing contractor page has been online for a few months and we have gotten to #20 for “coral springs roofer“.

If you need Google Places promotion, please contact us today!

Google Buys Zagat, But What Does This Mean For YOU?

Here at 3PRIME we’ve taken a dedicated approach to Local Marketing. Much of the reason we’ve gone this route is because of Google’s focus on connecting users with local businesses. In large part, this change has seen the rise of Google Places, where businesses show off their location as well as reviews submitted by customers. Google has just taken a step to increase the importance of their local listings by purchasing Zagat Ratings. Continue »