3PRIME Launches TheOdorDoctors.com

3PRIME recently launched TheOdorDoctors.com which features a customized content management system which gives the business the freedom to update their content as they see fit. During the development process we searched for and selected high-quality images for the homepage slideshow. 3PRIME also provided copywriting for the entire site which was based off of notes given to us by the owner of The Odor Doctors. Lastly, we developed a custom password-protected order form for their business to business customers.

Please take a moment to read the client’s testimonial and remember that if you need a complete website package you can always turn to 3PRIME.

3PRIME creates Google Places for Image Paint & Power Washing

Google connects millions of people each day to a wide array of different businesses and services. One of the interesting ways they do this is with Google Places. 3PRIME has been setting up and optimizing Google Places accounts for our customers for over a year now.

Our Google Places service includes claiming and optimizing the places pages, and then promoting them through a variety of methods that have been tested to offer the greatest benefit for our clients. Recently, 3PRIME set up the Google Places account for Image Paint & Powerwashing. They’re based out of Brandford, CT and as always, we’re honored to work with a local company.

Facebook Changes the Way Fans Like

Facebook has been busy rolling out changes, like new layouts to their Fan Pages, which you can try out now. But the newest update was done to their Like feature. Now Likes will act more akin to Facebook’s share feature. When someone Likes a page on your website, a link to it and an image of your choosing, will show up in the users news feed and on their wall. It’s a great way to gain additional prominence to your website, and when someone likes it, the website page will become a part of Facebook. Here’s what Facebook has to say about the change:
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Bad SEO Companies

A new client of ours had wanted to switch from their hosting company for a while now but had been hesitant to do so because of how abrasive the company had been with her. With help from 3PRIME they were (finally) able to make the switch, but not without receiving a few parting shots from their old hosting company, which we will call DisgruntledHosts.com. The following is an unaltered correspondence between Doug S. of DisgruntledHosts.com and our client.

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Semi-Recent Trends in Website Design

I’ve been offline for almost 6 months and trying to catch up again. What would be 3 noteworthy changes/updates in web design during that time?

– Jörg B. 28 / M / Copenhagen, Denmark

3 significant developments in recent months are:

1) Simpler messages incorporated into large homepage presentation layer
2) Incorporation of video into websites
3) Incorporation of social media iconography and connections into websites

Getting Freelance Web Design Projects

Does anyone know… how to get freelance web design projects?
– Arun G. M / Trivandrum, India

I see you’re in India, I’d guess you’re looking to provide the service outside of India. Your best bet is going to be to try to do one of 2 things:

1) Create accounts and build a reputation on the freelancer type websites.

2) Target an area where you have some knowledge and market yourself to that area. This could mean an industry, like medical, travel, e-commerce, or it might be an location you have some experience with. The choice should be based on your personal experience since to get projects you’ll need to introduce yourself and convince your potential customers why they should hire you.

Good luck!