Webinar on 6/25 w/ Forrester: Wearables – The Next Frontier of Mobile

Ever wonder whats next for mobile?  Smartphones feeling old hat? Then why not make a smart hat or hop on the google train and code some GoogleGlass.

TUESDAY 6/25 we have another webinar focused on Google Glass and smart use cases for professionals that need to be hands-free (think policemen, EMTs, surgeons, firefighters, pilots, etc.). Joining us for the webinar will be Sarah Rottman Epps, Senior Analyst, Forrester (I’ve attached two of her reports for your reference).

Link to register (Hey its free): http://www.mutualmobile.com/webinars/google-glass

3PRIME Updates ProjectMEMA.org

This non-profit, founded by a friend of ours in Boston, MA, seeks to make education in Moshi accessible. Through providing education necessities including tuition, essential supplies, nutritional supplements and uniforms when possible, Project MEMA is actively aiding 3 classrooms in Moshi, Tanzania.

In the past 3 years, the organization has grown and was in need of a new website. 3PRIME took there existing content including 5 pages, an excellent logo and a Paypal donate button and rebuilt the website using the WordPress CMS. Take a look!

Instead of a finished website, this rebuild provides a strong platform for the organization to grow its online presence and continue to foster awareness and action.

3PRIME time and expertise is available for businesses new and old, large and small and non-profits of all sizes. One of our long-time clients demonstrates how consistent SEO earns great rankings for his school and church signs manufacturing business

3-Prime Helps Local Company With Online Presence

If you thought it was difficult to manage all your social network profiles, try running a profitable company while also worrying about broken HTML and server crashes.

Sometimes, a company may simply lose track of its online assets, and this is where we come in. 3-PRIME has recently helped a local insurance company take control of its online presence and develop it in important ways that will allow it to increase its rankings and customer base on the Internet. First, we tracked down the company website hosting information, as well as ftp passwords that had been lost. Next, we recovered control panel access and regained the ability to modify and update the site.

After that, we installed a number of important site management tools, starting with Google Analytics, which allowed us to keep statistics on site hits and keywords. We also installed the WordPress engine, in order to make it easier to maintain and update the site. To get our client started, we wrote and uploaded two initial posts on the company’s new blog.

Finally, we wrote a custom PHP script to add search engine friendly links on their homepage to their blog posts. This way, each time our clients add a post on their company blog, the company homepage will be updated with links to the entry, so that visitors will be able to easily keep up to date with news and other updates.

If you’d like to see the end result, click here.

If you want to raise your company’s profile by blogging, contact us and get a personally-tailored quote for your website!

Note to those that have bought from Bestbuy.com

We were notified by Best Buy that the company they use to send emails to their customers had some of their files compromised. Best Buy claims the files only contained customer’s email addresses and that no other information was accessed.

The entire email was well written, upfront and honest. It’s a great example of a company treating their email recipients with respect. Hopefully, nothing serious comes of this breach but as far as public relations go they made a good first step.
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Get Business with Google Places

In 2010, we started optimizing our client’s Google places locations, or claiming them if they were the automated ones with little customization.

One such page was one for Eagle Rivet, one of our ct web design clients. One of the phrases we built in was ct roof snow removal, and they couldn’t be happier with the seasonal jobs they’ve gotten to pick up as a result!

Don’t over look this for your business! Here’s why:

  • The top Google places results are shown at the top or above natural results
  • Google Places provide functionality like reviews that can help you sell customers before they call
  • Google places doesn’t require a website!