In response to the whole Snowden PRISM thing. The folks at Codecademy said it right…

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For my money this hits the nail on the head.  If you call yourself a technologist NONE of this better be a surprise.  Because if it is, your not a very good technologist. For those that aren’t Continue »

President Obama, the Democratic Party, and Progressives need a Come to Truman moment

By all accounts, debate winners and losers are decided by the court of public opinion. I would also say that, ultimately, it is media largesse that sets the tone for post-debate analysis, manufacturing consent for their pick of winners and losers. In that paradigm, lies beat facts everytime. As a result, partisan fighting is what dominates our society’s zeitgeist, and only a partisan fighter will come away the winner. It doesn’t require you be an amoebic liar – a nimble warrior with an arsenal of truth is a more potent adversary. But it just requires energy and a clear message of action.

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