3PRIME – Social Media Management For The 21st Century

There are many challenges in running a small or medium business. Many CEOs and owners are forced to work in constant crisis management mode, handling a wide variety of tasks, running from employee motivation to materiel & supplies to trying to get paid on invoices to coming up with new directions and leads for the business. For the person in charge of a small/medium business, it’s always helpful to find ways to offload duties that can be done by others, so that you can concentrate on the core of the business.
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3PRIME Manages Social Profiles for Business Owner

Running a business is tough, and between managing cash flow, employees and contracts, the owner of a small to medium company may not have the time left to manage the company’s online presence and social media profile. This is why 3PRIME offers business owners a range of social profile setup and management services, in order to give them more time and space to concentrate on the immediate aspects of being a CEO.
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Project for Larry Dominguez and Armor-Tite

We recently began work for Larry Dominguez, the co-owner of Armor-Tite Construction Corp. He wanted our help in increasing the online prominence of not just Armor-Tite but himself as the face of the company. To this end we created several social media profiles for him and his company. The first one being the Larry Dominguez Google+ account. We also helped him set up his blog, a Twitter and a Linkedin profile. Larry is an avid outdoorsman and its been fun hearing him retell some of his stories. You can see a few of his mountain climbing pictures below and see even more on his Pinterest account. Continue »