How to Build a Peer Network to Increase Your Social Reach

If you are looking for the maximum leads and heavy inflow of traffic, you have to make sure that the content that you share must have the maximum reach. Are you keen on exploring the way to increase the traffic of your content? Well, this is possible with the help of peer network that helps in increasing your social reach. Basically the group of social advocates in peer networking can enhance the reach of the contents that you share. This article will help you to understand what peer network is and thereby render growth to your business.

What do you want to share and with whom?share

The very first thing that should be taken into consideration is the content that you want your network to share. You might have a few goals in your mind. For instance, you might promote and advertise your brand so that your business is at the top of every potential customer’s mind. Focus on the original contents that you are developing and identify how your customers respond to it. So, it is considered best if there is a blend of original and third party contents in your write-ups.

Easy sharing of contents by the social advocates

  • There are two methods of sharing contents:The first one requires you to post the content on your business’s pathways and thereby email the post links to the network of the social advocates. Mention in the email to the social advocates to share the contents by personalizing them in order to entice the audience. Sample social posts and tweets can be attached and the best part is that this method is free and simple. Though it is time consuming, but it has the advantage of enhancing the engagement for your main business channels over the course of time
  • Automating service, like the ‘’ is the second method. All that you need to do is load the post links into the service that will automatically send emails to your network of the social advocates on the specific date and time that you pre-select. This is a more organized and less time consuming method.
    Expand your team

Once your internal team of members is acquainted with the entire process, you can ask for experts to join your team and taking up larger roles. You can allocate them with the work to exploring links to the third party contents exactly like the ones where you are sharing now. You have to be clear with your work expectations from your new team members. Ensure that each of the team members are delivering a certain minimum number of links every day so that there is no obstacle with the growth of your business.

Choose your network of advocates carefully

Once you experience success from the contributions of your network of the social advocates, it is imperative that you can further expand your team. But make sure you are cautious enough. Ask the following questions in your mind before you expand your team strength.

  • Do you have loyal followers who can share your contents even without being demanded?
  • Do you want to include industry influencers in your network?

Invite only those people who can prove to be advantageous for your business by sharing your content and reaching the maximum targets which shall help you to satisfy your goals.

Author bio: Neha Mishra works with digital marketing team of She does take care of writing part of her team and has written articles on Social Media, SEO, Web Design and many more. She has provided social media services in Los Angeles to lots of clients looking to boost their business

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3PRIME Joins Foursquare

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And remember to visit the 3PRIME Foursquare Page.

Social Media Tips and Links

People may have trouble justifying their work with social media purely from a traffic basis.

However, the greatest benefit, besides brand building and of course sales, is in great relevant, timely links often from a great number of sources.

With that in mind here are 3 tips to help guide your work.

  1. Always make sure that what you publish is a permanent URL. This means that links to your post or items within your post provide a lasting benefit.
  2. Use software and plugins that automatically distribute your content on the networks the provide linkbacks (twitter, digg, reddit, facebook)
  3. Make sure that your content provides a balance of personal and business information. It is this balance that makes your social media persona interesting and attractive!