Domain Name Value Appraisal

What is the best way to find out the fair market price for a domain name?

– Harvey S. 36 / M / Goode, VA

Any company that you find that is a domain broker will have some system for it which will, in various manners, measure:

  • Age
  • Demand for the topic of the domain name
  • Potential for keyword traffic
  • Inbound links
  • Present traffic
  • Desirability

Based on these factors, a domain broker will come up with a target price and use various methods for putting the domain “on the market”.

Thanks. Is there website that gives comparables or can give a suggested fair market price?

– Harvey S. 36 / M / Goode, VA

You can try this one:

Just put in your domain in the top-right search box, it provides a market value for the website+domain.

To find out who owns a domain, use Your Server Report


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