ConnectiCon 2010

This past weekend I attended my first ever ConnectiCon and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about the event. In a lot of ways, it’s your typical convention. There were a lot of enthusiasts (some may call them “nerds”) dressed up as their favorite anime/comic/video game characters. There were a lot of people selling niche items, like foam swords, cat ears, Sonic the Hedgehog backpacks, “real swords” and funny T-Shirts. And then there were a bunch of fan run events like dances, Masquerades, panels and anime screenings.

But only several hours into my first day, I was complaining that there was nothing I wanted to see. I don’t read webcomics, I don’t watch nearly as much anime as I used to and if I bought a sword I’d only poke my eye out. New York Comic Con (sorry for the name drop) was the only other con I’d ever been to. And at first the only thing ConnectiCon did was make me wish I was there instead.

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