Are 3PRIMEs SEO tactics specific to Google?

We had a question recently we thought we’d share:

Are there SEO tactics in our program (or not) that are specific to any of the primary engines? If so, please elaborate.

We focus on Google, reasons illustrated here!

Specifically, we monitor and exploit methods that can be shown currently to demonstrate benficial results in Google.

In general, we never do anything that will hurt rankings in other engines and we employ tactics that generally support a beneficial user experience, which is the appropriate philosophy for providing effective SEO services.

Google: You (Auto)Complete Me

Yesterday Google launched a major update to their search engine that might have a far-reaching effect on online marketing. Now, instead of delivering results after the user has finished typing in keywords, Google dynamically updates the results page while the user is typing. While it’s possible to turn the option off and go back to the old search style, the new Google Instant is the default option for internet search.

The search is performed at a breakneck speed – when this writer tried it out, it was almost disconcerting to see the results page roiling and changing with every keystroke.

Google Instant is not yet present on cell phones; likewise, it won’t affect searches performed from browser toolbar boxes, like the ones included in Firefox and Opera. Meanwhile, the Internet is scrambling to find out just what this will mean for online marketing. What do you think? Let us know!

Adwords reading for beginners

I believe I am spending about $2 per click with Google but some of the site is a little confusing and it seems that I might be wasting my money … Is there a good source of information to help learn setting up adwords that you would suggest?

Here’s a couple of sets of results:



Pay the most attention to google forums and webpages for learning how to navigate the platform.

All Your Image Are Belong To Us

Has anyone seen the new Google Image search lately? I did one today and it was honestly jarring at first. I had a severe “Wait, where am I?” moment and I had to check my URL. The image description and titles are gone, unless you scroll over one, which enlarges it and makes it “pop out” from the rest of the results. Also, moving from one results page to another is seamless and I can scroll from page 1 to 20 in about ten seconds.

The new results page for image searches is really aesthetically pleasing (don’t believe me? Check out this search I did on waterfalls) and I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. What do you guys think?