Adding Google Plus One Button to your Website

Google +1 integration is pretty straightforward, although these can often be complicated by the fact that most businesses don’t directly manage their own web content or rely on a trusted, efficient vendor to update their website in a timely fashion.
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Google to offer credit card for Adwords

Providing small businesses the opportunity to quickly ramp up their advertising spending, that’s Google’s latest venture.

The Adwords Mastercard overview:

  • Launched & available as a “beta test” and were sent out Wednesday July 20, 2011 to select customers
  • Available should favor small and medium-sized business, but might be wider
  • Fairly Low 8.99 ongoing (not introductory) annual percentage rate
  • Issued by: issued by the World Financial Capital Bank
  • Attractive Credit Line, yet to be announced but likely based on adwords spend
  • No Annual Fee

Would you consider this for your business? Would you promote a new product or product line with it just to try it out? Need a new website to advertise? Call in the Pros!

Does Facebook have anything to do with seo?

The short answer is yes FB has implications on rankings. The big question is how you use it.

1) Improve the placement of your FB page
2) Trying to use FB to improve the placement of your website.

If your goal is #1, then there are various traditional SEO activities you can do. You then need to concern yourself with what people can do once they get there.

If you are only worried about #2, then the only thing to do is to get the FB pages ranked more highly, so that the few links to your website are worth more.

In either case you’re going to be building the prominence of the FB page, but why you are doing it is the most critical question to answer. This will determine your course of action.

gmial, gmail, whatever…

Thought I’d share as I had to do a double take! I mis-typed and got this wonderful offer, complete with google-colors and derivative footer design. I almost proceeded until I saw the URL I’d been forwarded to:

Good stuff! They bought and have it set to forward to their phishing site. Users answer questions and provide their info and Lord knows what happens then. I’m not sticking around to find out!

Google Images: More Like Minesweeper Than You Think

Not too long ago we did a post on the updated google images search that by now I’m sure you guys have gotten pretty familiar with. Unfortunately, we’ve begun noticing a troubling occurrence with them (or rather our virus scans have) and it turns out that tons of them have become infected with malware. According to this recent Huffington Post article, around 5,000. Google says they’re working to improve their results and malware detection. So whenever you’re searching through Google images for pictures of kittens or the newest internet meme, be aware that there might be a nasty gift with your JPEG.

3PRIME creates Google Places for Image Paint & Power Washing

Google connects millions of people each day to a wide array of different businesses and services. One of the interesting ways they do this is with Google Places. 3PRIME has been setting up and optimizing Google Places accounts for our customers for over a year now.

Our Google Places service includes claiming and optimizing the places pages, and then promoting them through a variety of methods that have been tested to offer the greatest benefit for our clients. Recently, 3PRIME set up the Google Places account for Image Paint & Powerwashing. They’re based out of Brandford, CT and as always, we’re honored to work with a local company.

3-Prime Client Gets Google Boost, a 3-Prime client, recently got a big boost when its name became included in the Google search auto-complete list. If the user begins typing “gay friendly,” our friends’ website is the number 4 suggestion on the list. This is a remarkable boon to a relatively new website, and goes to show that even recent start-ups can quickly become noticed and achieve a good ranking on Google.