Renew Your Domain Name Before Someone Else Does!


Mistakes happen all of the time, and it’s easy to let something like a domain name slide. What is the importance of maintaining your domain name? Your domain name and account contains your personal information – something no one else but you should get ahold of. Putting time into maintaining your domain means only you will control your online presence. An infograph is formulated here on an article on


Some tips to help remind you to register your domain name:

Correct Your Information – Make sure your information on your account is valid. This includes your name, address, business license, etc. so if you lose your domain name you can validate it.

Email Address – Do not let your administrative email address expire! This is the gateway to accessing your account and your information. This allows someone else to easily take your domain if you lose access.

Regularly Login – This makes you aware that you aware that your account information is correct and when the date is that your domain will expire. It costs less to prepare your domain name payments ahead of time.

Antivirus – Install an anti-virus for additional safety, and do not give out your credit card information to anyone.

Lock Your Domain Name – Locking your domain name prevents unwanted visitors from accessing your account. You can upgrade to purchase protected registration.



Renewing your domain names is for everyone. All of us – including celebrity status – are guilty of ignoring our domain information as from this infograph below:













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