Updating Business Directory Listing in Whatsapp Directory


Here are 3PRIME we pride ourselves on being a hands on and customer friendly business. And as such, we often find ourselves delving into unexpected territory to help our clients out with a problem. Recently, we were asked why our client’s business wasn’t showing up in Whatsapp.

For those not in the know, Whatapps is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. While it isn’t as popular in the states as it is abroad, it has been in the news lately because it was recently acquired by Facebook for 19 billion(!) dollars. And since we have such a tech savvy clientele, one was dismayed to find out that his business wasn’t showing up in their locations service. Along with messages and a whole slew of emoticons, Whatapps also lets you quickly send your locations to friends using Google Map locations.

When we first started working on a solution for the problem we were baffled. His business was showing up in Google Maps through normal means but it wasn’t working in Whatapps using the same map system? We reached out to Whatapps support for help.

After waiting over two weeks (they must have been busy with all those billions) Whatsapp finally responded. And here ladies and gents, is where you learn that not all stories have a happy ending. Here is the response we received:

Thanks for your message. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue and we are doing our best to improve WhatsApp in a future update.

And that’s it. Of course we’ll keep you guys posted if the situation changes but all in all, this was a frustrating if not unexpected end to this issue.

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