In response to the whole Snowden PRISM thing. The folks at Codecademy said it right…

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For my money this hits the nail on the head.  If you call yourself a technologist NONE of this better be a surprise.  Because if it is, your not a very good technologist. For those that aren’t and claim ignorance to the functioning of how these systems work you are foolish. No different than owning a car and not knowing how to change your damn oil or change a flat. If you own or use technology you owe it to yourself to tear yourself away from crap book, practice some google fu and spend an hour READING something that will teach you something about the devices and programs you can’t live without!!! Ever wonder how youtube works?  THEN F@#$ING GOOGLE IT!!!!  (I suppose you could bing it too, but you would just be getting results from google anyway..HA!!!)

The folks at Codecademy are seeing this as a lesson to help encourage more people to become digitally literate, writing in a blog post today.  For gods sake I hope some people listen and take this to heart:

“Pretty much anybody who knows how code works was prepared for this sort of revelation. Because becoming code fluent is about more than simply knowing enough javascript to get a job. It’s a way to become familiar with the operating system on which the human drama is playing itself out.

Moreover, the better you understand the programs and platforms you use – and the permanence of almost everything you do online – the better equipped you will be to choose what the data watchers know about you, and what they don’t.

May the digitally illiterate proceed at their own risk. Once again, you have been warned.”

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