We receive a lot of questions at our site, and we’re happy to answer them–it allows us to get in touch with potential customers and also, at the very least, provide people with some good advice.

Recently, we received a question from Carrie B. about an issue that I’m sure many of us have wondered about at one time or another.

The Question:
Subject: Mobile Development
I want to create an increase in my income situation, can you please help?

3PRIME provides services to help businesses increase their visibility and the ability of customers who go to their web properties to become customers. To figure out where we would recommend you make investments, here are several questions, and you can give me a call to review them.

  • What is your website domain?
  • Why do you think your customers would be better served with a mobile optimized website?
  • How do customers find you?
  • Are there particular keywords that potential customers might use to find your products/services?

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