3PRIME – Social Media Management For The 21st Century

There are many challenges in running a small or medium business. Many CEOs and owners are forced to work in constant crisis management mode, handling a wide variety of tasks, running from employee motivation to materiel & supplies to trying to get paid on invoices to coming up with new directions and leads for the business. For the person in charge of a small/medium business, it’s always helpful to find ways to offload duties that can be done by others, so that you can concentrate on the core of the business.

Construction business owner Larry Dominguez subcontracted 3PRIME to manage his online social media profiles. Working long hours in a competitive field, along with taking care of a family and engaging in hobbies like mountaineering doesn’t leave Mr. Dominguez much time to learn the ins and outs of maintaining a business presence on the Internet, and this is one of the things 3PRIME does best. Among the social media profiles that we have created and continue to manage are:
LinkedIn for: Larry Dominguez
Twitter for: Larry Dominguez

If you are a business owner who is seeking to step into the new century by expanding and managing your presence online, 3PRIME is always there to take your call.

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