3PRIME Manages Social Profiles for Business Owner

Running a business is tough, and between managing cash flow, employees and contracts, the owner of a small to medium company may not have the time left to manage the company’s online presence and social media profile. This is why 3PRIME offers business owners a range of social profile setup and management services, in order to give them more time and space to concentrate on the immediate aspects of being a CEO.

3PRIME was recently contracted to manage social media profiles for Larry Dominguez, the owner of a Tri-State area construction business. Aside from helming the company that has built and repaired roofs for over 20 years in several states, Larry is an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer, with a number of snowy peak conquests notched into his piolet.

Among the profiles that 3PRIME has created and continues to manage for Mr. Dominguez are:

Google+ for: Larry Dominguez
Pinterest for: Larry Dominguez