Ever had your website manager go missing?

Through one of our long-time clients, mystery shopping company Coyle Hospitality Group, we had an opportunity to meet a new business. Coyle and Elite Investigations of Las Vegas are partnering to offer mystery shopping services in Nevada, so we created a mystery shopping service page for them.

However, the owner of Elite Investigations, Jon Girard, was no longer in touch with the web company he used over a decade ago. Through his trust in Jim, Jon, decided to put his faith in us and worked to provide us with the necessary access to take a look under the hood. We had the page added in under one hour.

If you have trouble getting your website updated, get in touch with us! We can store your information in case you need it, or in case you need to change it! 3PRIME has provided website management for diverse companies, using a variety of hosting and registrar services and with all manner of individual histories. At the end of the day, when any of our past or present clients need assistance, we are here to help.

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