3PRIME Offers Five Ways to Promote a New Apparel Website in Connecticut

Consider the following fairly commonly type of scenario we receive from local clients seeking assistance with promoting their business online:

“I have created a new website from my line of clothing for children. Do you know how I can promote this new site without investing too much money? I would greatly appreciate your advice on some tips and tricks to get my company noticed online!”

In response to this type of inquiry, we normally offer a series of ideas regarding website promotion. The following are five examples of methods newer website owners may use to drive traffic to a local business website, focusing on the aforementioned apparel scenario.

1) Make comments on popular blogs and websites that provide useful information to your target cliente, and add a link back to your website. Read more.

2) Submit feeds to shopping web platforms. This puts your products in front of existing markets. Read more.

3) Contribute to your community and local charities as this heightens local recognition of your business, including your inline portal. Read more.

4) Sponsor a newsletter whose audience is your potential customer. Read more.

5) Contact an SEO specialist to find out how they might be able to augment your personal SEO efforts. Read more.