A Social Media Guide For Your Business

On our LinkedIn account we were asked:

How do I jump start social networking for my business?

We wanted to take a moment to outline the 3PRIME approach to social media because it can be difficult to get a social media campaign started. We have developed a management service which can build a social media structure from the ground up. It’s a multistage process that, as in everything we do, features an initial consultation period. During this time we try to ascertain where your social media footprint is. The current status of any Facebook pages, Twitter pages and etc. We will also take note of your market demographic—the ones you’re reaching now as well as the ones you’d like to be reaching.

Then from this early consultation we build a social media guide. The guide is a loose blueprint of different ways to interact with your demographic, through social media postings and blogs. In the guide we focus on ways to create interaction with your demographic. In social media people are less interested in your brand or service but instead how your company can engage with them in an meaningful way. The main goal is to get people talking about your brand because stories sell—and they’re even more reliable from a source they trust.

Once we complete the guide we will submit it to you for approval. This is a great time to take a more hands on role in the project by adding items or notes to the guide. And then once the guide is completed we will begin to structure a social media profile through posts and the creation of additional accounts. This regular participation will create a presence for you in the major networks. This approach allows us to build SMM plans for businesses of all sizes. To discuss social media management for your business, contact 3PRIME today

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