Adding Google Plus One Button to your Website

Google +1 integration is pretty straightforward, although these can often be complicated by the fact that most businesses don’t directly manage their own web content or rely on a trusted, efficient vendor to update their website in a timely fashion.

I am writing this in response to a fellow member if the linkedin group Connecticut Small Business Networking. Maria, a local realtor, asked for a step-by-step, so here it is!

How to add Google +1 button to your Website
1) You’ll need access to update your website content. If you don’t know how to do this, we can help you figure it out and store this information for you for future reference.

2) Go to Google to get the appropriate code.
Google Plus One code consists of 2 pieces, a piece that goes after any instances of the actual button which you can add in your footer (like google analytics), and a piece to display the button. We’ll call these the code segments for the footer and display.
Tip: Use the “Advanced options” to turn off the count to make the displayed button smaller and more easily integrated.

3) Paste the footer portion of the code first. Maria, if you are only adding this on your homepage, put the footer piece below all the rest of the content on the page.

4) Paste the display code where you want the plusone button displayed.

5) Save your changes, upload to server via FTP, whatever is appropriate for your website management technique.

Once this is done, the Plus One button will load correctly, really a very simple integration. The hardest part for most people is knowing how to manage their website, and if that’s an issue for you, you should meet us!

Other common questions and answers
What does asynchronous mean in terms of +1? click here

Should I use a common website URL or page specific?
The answer to this depends on your website and your content habits. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you!

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