Google to offer credit card for Adwords

Providing small businesses the opportunity to quickly ramp up their advertising spending, that’s Google’s latest venture.

The Adwords Mastercard overview:

  • Launched & available as a “beta test” and were sent out Wednesday July 20, 2011 to select customers
  • Available should favor small and medium-sized business, but might be wider
  • Fairly Low 8.99 ongoing (not introductory) annual percentage rate
  • Issued by: issued by the World Financial Capital Bank
  • Attractive Credit Line, yet to be announced but likely based on adwords spend
  • No Annual Fee

Would you consider this for your business? Would you promote a new product or product line with it just to try it out? Need a new website to advertise? Call in the Pros!


One response to “Google to offer credit card for Adwords”

  1. Google+ really offers something unique and different for the enduser. Its so refreshing to see that one has cirles instead of just a whole bunch of friends lumped in together. I’ve been using it for several days in limited trial mode and I’m very impressed – maybe so far its not as refined as Facebook, but its pretty bloody good.