Obama finishes what Bush started

Catching up with news this morning, I was pleasantly surprised by news that CIA, after 4 years of what I assume was painstaking intelligence work, tracked Osama Bin Laden to his home of at least the past 6 years. While I’d love to have heard that he was captured, the news that he was killed, removing his visage from the Most Wanted list (once they update their website), this is good news.

To read more, i found the following resources to be the most informative. I’ll be streaming NPR.org as long as they focus the news on this.



I close by offering my heartfelt support to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. This week will undoubtedly raise emotions not pondered in some years and our thoughts are with them today.

3 thoughts on “Obama finishes what Bush started

  1. here are facts that are not being realized. One is DNA testing was indeed done. That’s the reason the body was taken to the aircraft carrier. Highly qualified doctors, scientists and other specialists were on board the carrier waiting in case a dead Bin Laden arrived in order that they could perform all the required tests for proper identification. It would not have been safe for the members of this team to have examined the body in Afghanistan. Even if they had done the tests in Afghanistan setting up all the personal and equipment would have roused suspicion in addition to jeopardized the mission. Disposal of the body was done within Islamic manner. This requires — among other things — burial within a day. This was in honour of Islam, not just Bin Packed. Everybody should be interred according to their religious beliefs out of respect for the religion, not for the deceased. Respect for Islam is more important approach grisly display of Osama Bin Laden for the satisfaction connected with certain morbid appetites. Seeing the body would not prove whatever. The sceptical would have said the body was altered to check like Bin Laden. I think the whole matter was handled in the best way possible for all concerned. The White House staff is waiting to release more information because it is the right quest. You don’t rush into something like that without first feeling the pulse off concerned. It might do more emotional harm than good to disclose grossly detailed pictures and information — at least until enough time for closure has elapsed.