Cannot upload via FTP, Path too deep error and Windows Firewall

One of our web development workstations completely stopped uploading this morning, causing us to spend several hours troubleshooting. Download speeds upwards of 20MBPS, upload… Nothing.

Windows Firewall on LAN Connections
Windows Firewall on LAN Connections

We reinstalled the NIC, we disabled windows firewall, we tried a number of different things, finally deciding that this made no sense and we were going to re-image the machine.

Taking one last look, Cornel Boudria, co-owner of 3PRIME, went into the windows firewall settings, under the advanced tab and unchecked the box that enables the firewall for the LAN connections.

Even though we had already disabled the windows firewall, it was still disabling the ability for the workstation to move files out. We couldn’t upload and we couldn’t write files bigger than 2mb to the network.

Once that box was unchecked, we were able to upload normally as well as write files to the network.

So, if you cannot upload, and you are getting “file path to deep” errors trying to write out to the network, take a look at the windows firewall and make sure that it is not “protecting” you from getting anything done!

To access these settings, I got to the control panel > Windows Firewall Advanced Tab and Uncheck the box next to the active LAN connection.