Happy New Year

Well, we made it through another year! What have we learned from 2010? What were our accomplishments?

There were earthquakes, fires, volcanoes and floods, but the sun didn’t go out and the Internet didn’t shut down. Our government did nothing but fight itself for 11 months, only to rally like a college sophomore and win a last chance for a passing grade with a spurt of accomplishments in the two weeks before Christmas. One war drew down, while another escalated. Christopher Nolan made a good movie, and M. Night Shyamalan made a bad one.

Everybody is trying to dig themselves out from under the recession, and, if you live in the North-East, about a yard of snow. Gourmet hamburgers are still the best comfort food in existence.

In 2011, let’s try harder, stretch our arms out further, and get ourselves out of this funk already. Happy New Year, everyone!