CT Cracks down on Text-Happy Drivers

On October 2nd, Connecticut cops have started another crackdown on distracted drivers. The same people who can’t stay off their phones in restaurants, grocery checkout lines, public restrooms and movie theaters are at it behind the wheel as well, with often-disastrous results. Studies show that a distracted driver is four times more likely to get into a serious accident than someone who has their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel; nationwide, cell phones have been involved in over 6,000 traffic deaths in 2008 alone. The problem is so widespread that it’s been showing up in our favorite public relations media, the funny church signs (see photo).

In Connecticut, a cell phone behind the wheel means an automatic ticket; during previous crackdowns, over 5,000 lucky drivers have gotten an addendum to their phone bill that way. This author hopes that, as a result of increased police activity, he’ll see fewer phones near people’s faces as their SUV’s speed by his bicycle.

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