Condos in Paradise

There are few things that’ll make you want a vacation more than reading and writing about the beautiful island of Hawaii. Which is exactly what we’ve been doing for Lokelani. Lokelani is a Maui Condo Rentals vacation company. They’re based in West Maui where they have over fifteen beautiful rental condos available, all within fifty feet of the ocean.

On their site you’ll find their rates, a gallery of their condos and info on making a reservation. Recently, we added a page to their site focused on Ka’anapali. Lokelani is just north of Ka’anapali, which is home to one of the best beaches and vacation destinations in the entire world.

And if you want to see more of the work we’ve done for them check out the Travel Squidoo Page we just finished. These are always enjoyable to make, but this one in particular was a treat. Building it was the closest any of us are going to get to a Hawaiian vacation for quite some time. Ah, bittersweet web design.

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