Google News Gets (more) Personal

Google News has long been my choice for online news aggregation, mostly because I spend hours each days starting at content but also because I found it to provide the sort of broad view that I like to see. I spend about 15 minutes per day reading headlines and perhaps 20 minutes reading actual stories and news related to my work.

Google News Gets Personal Progress BarSo this morning when I click to see top headlines, I see a slightly altered setup, a link in the top right to explain why News is different, with a capitalized “News” notably present, and this progress bar indicating, “I’m not done getting personal with you”.

I strategically avoid personalizing my news. I can confidently say that one of the greatest sources of my political Ire, is that, IMO, most Americans get their news from specific sources that tend to support, never challenge, their existing worldviews.

I’ll not be completing the proscribed process, thank you very much, and I’ll continue avoiding, wherever possible, any semblance of this practice that says “I only need to know what I think I need to know.”

What do you think?

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