3PRIME Partners With FloorMall to Bring You Simple Patios

We’re happy to announce that 3PRIME has teamed-up with FloorMall.com to sell high quality outdoor furniture. It’s a great opportunity for us to branch out into a new industry and it’s a really exciting time for all of us at 3PRIME. It’s true that this is our first foray into the retail sector but we’ve brought a great friend along in FloorMall.

FloorMall is, of course, one of the most successful and renown online flooring retailers. They bring with them an extensive background in quality products, low prices and fantastic customer service. And all of this is reflected in the Simple Patios product line.

Collectively we decided to give shoppers the biggest possible bang for their buck. This is why we’ve set incredibly low price points for all of the Simple Patios products. We thought about giving them away for free, but that turned out to be a poor business model. You’ll find that our line of outdoor furniture is the least expensive out of all of the others available online. And since each piece is backed by a 50 year warranty it’s obvious we believe in the quality of these products. Just think, that means if you purchase a hammock from us, it’s the last one you have to buy for fifty years! While it’s true that the amount of relaxation provided by hammocks is exponentially increased by the number you have, you’ll only need to buy one from us.

For more information on our line of Patio Furniture you can visit SimplePatios.com or the brand new outdoor furniture section at FloorMall.com.

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