FileZilla and issuing the PORT Command

Ok folks,

apparently people have been having a ton of trouble getting FileZilla to make a connection by issuing the PORT command, so here’s the scoop on how to do it (per saved connection under “Site Manager”, FileZilla v.3.3.1).

* Open Site Manager
* Select the site in question that needs to connect with PORT command
* Choose the “Transfer Settings” Tab
* Under “Transfer Mode”, select the “Active” radio button option
* Save settings by Clicking the OK Button.

Congrats! – You connection will issue PORT command whence connecting.

More Info. available here


3 responses to “FileZilla and issuing the PORT Command”

  1. Thanks, I searched all over the place for this! I was beginning to think there wasn’t any PORT mode option in Filezilla!

  2. I use filezilla for my small business and this was the tipping point to make use of my local area network router and it’s built in port-forwarding option. Thanks!

  3. No problemo, my pleasure!

    A bunch of people asked me the same question, and I saw alot of posts online with similar problems and figured WTF, why not make a quickie post!