Find a web design company

business owner, where would you look to find a web design company to build a website for your business.
– Mike S. 26 / M / New York, NY

Our company, 3PRIME, LLC in North Haven CT, makes websites. One of our particular skills is fitting keyword goals, business goals and budget together to make a perfect fit for our clients.

Consider this. You are looking for a business website. You could look at:

1) Search engines, find a local company that you can meet with, this helps ensure that your needs and their abilities are clearly communicated.

2) Websites you like and contact the company that built it, this can eliminate time and effort in getting a custom website design.

3) Freelancers, can carry a lot of unknowns, but may be more affordable.

Those are all places to look. However, what you may or may not find is someone to make sure you are buying just what you need.

I also recommend that you place a priority on being able to develop a great relationship because there’s no reason your website should sit idle once complete. Make your new website part of your business development plan!

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