Aardvark – Web Design Question

Besides Dreamweaver, what would you say are the most marketable skills for a web designer in today’s market?
– Joshua G. 28 / M / San Diego, CA

Dreamweaver isn’t a skill, creating manageable code to present web pages is a skill. Similarly, photoshop and illustrator aren’t skills, creating modern relevant web and vector designs are skills.

As a web design company, 3PRIME considers what we do to be the next stage in professional web design. Besides designing a website that fits the customers needs and budget, you should be creating websites that will work well in search engines and provide the critical opportunity for visitors to convert into contacts.

I’d say the 2 most marketable areas a web designer should focus on, besides translating client conversations into a satisfactory web design, are search engine optimization principles and visitor conversion and traffic analysis.

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