Making Strides for OrderReadyInventory

Made some important programming changes, bug fixes, feature upgrades, etc to our web service.

For those who don’t know, OrderReadyInventory is a web service meant to consolidate the drugery and angst involved with managing large product inventories and distributing them amongst disparate marketplaces on the web.  OrderReadyInventory stores your data, correlates the underlying data relative to the underlying marketplace specification, and saves said-correlation for later consumption, either through a straightforward Export (ie, Download), or, as would be standard with our Business class package plans, streamed directly into the Marketplace (Amazon Seller Central, Google Base, shopzilla, etc).

The service isn’t quite ready for prime-time, so it’s still classified as an Alpha release, with usage limited to invite-only at the moment.

But we implore you to visit for information about the service, and to sign-up for an invitation.  Also, invite referals count towards discounts for the service once OrderReadyInventory moves into primetime ;-). Pricing will based on usage/consumption