Handy way to inform about Privacy Policy Changes

Got an email from Verizon about their distribution of my CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) to their “family of companies”, which I can do without at this time. So now that I am notifed what options are usually available?
1) Call someone on an extremely low-priority call center
2) Mail a letter, who can find a stamp?
3) Send an email, not bad, but no confirmation my preference is adhered to

Usually, consumers will end up ignoring these because none of these options is particularly fulfilling. But Wait!

Down at the bottom is a Do Not Share My CPNI link! Clicking it required no login since it was coded with my email address and I get an immediate response saying my preference has been logged.

Fin. I like that!

Next time we need to contact our customers for a quick question, this is a customer-friendly strategy, well-worth noting!

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