FormTracks: Web Form Conversion Tracking and Analysis Service

We’ve moved a step closer to realizing our vision for a robust Form Data aggregation and modeling utility service in our FormTracks offering.

FormTracks is exactly what this post title says: a Web Form Conversion Tracking and Analysis Service. Simply put, it offers website owners a means by which to securely stored Web form Data that comes into their domains, analyze conversions, and interpret form fields into cogent data sets to further interpolate and extrapolate what the data means. All of this means better data management for your domains, and a more concise understanding of what all of the data means.

What’s more, it is a developer-centric service. FormTracks Integration is available through the FormTracks Web API platform. It’s early capabilities allow for remote form posting, system querying, report creation, and data exporting. Eventually, through the FormTracks API, we intend on providing white labelling capabilities, so developers can build their apps around the FormTracks Architecture while embedding their own programmatic touch of class! The API system is slow going, so stay tuned for the FormTracks API Documentation.

Take a look at FormTracks for yourselves.

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