Helping Other Small Companies is Just Good Business

Home builders are suffering more than they have in a number of decades. Roger Sirany has been a builder for 21 years and has exhausted nearly every option to find new customers in the current business landscape.

But perhaps there is reason to raise hopes. Plumbline Builders has become the newest project of 3PRIME, the company dedicated to design, development and consulting, specializing in search engine optimization.

Recognizing the lack of cash in company coffers, 3PRIME has agreed to take this project on contingency, investing a discrete number of man-hours into earning PLBOnline a top spot in Google for the phrase “minneapolis remodeling”. Currently, the business website collects just a couple of leads each month, not enough to sustain their entire staff, especially with projects averaging fractions of the dollars they were a year ago.

3PRIME’s goal will be to increase the forms submitted on as much as possible. Studying their regional keywords, it is clear that the best placement for Plumbline will be for keyword searches that describe Plumbline’s services. Ryan Turner, partner at 3PRIME, says that “Natural placement in Google starts to build trust in the company before a potential customer even picks up the phone.” He continues, “Like most small businesses, PLB will be able to get in front of a new generation of customers by being visible where people are looking when they want to speak to an expert.”

3PRIME has fought through the growing pains in their own business, and is currently hiring and training new staff to continuously improve their service and expand their proprietary company projects. “We aren’t in the habit of taking risks like this” says Cornel Boudria, web technology guru and fellow partner at 3PRIME, “but these days, it is clear that helping other small companies is just good business.”


One response to “Helping Other Small Companies is Just Good Business”

  1. After the first couple weeks, we are now #11 in Google for our target phrase. While we will never guarantee that Google will like our enhancements that quickly, it’s results like these that earn us referral business!