March closes up shop

Friends and Clients,

My honeymoon color courtesy of the Aruba sun is gone as March comes to a close. 50%, that’s what they say we’re at, if you value the economy based upon the Dow. As entrepreneurs, I am sure all of us believe that we are certainly not worth half of what we were 18 months ago, but how do we stand on evidence?

Has your progress been illusory? Has your website actually gained you new business?

Some of you have seen business continue it’s steady increase, some have seen your new venture’s contract to nearly nothing. Whether 3PRIME has spent more time, or deferred your payments, to each of you Cornel and I extend both our thanks and our encouragement.

As a primarily service oriented company, we succeed as you grow. No matter how your business is doing, we can all be reassured by one aspect of general decline;

Growth is American Nature.

3PRIME is all about positioning and those positioned best over the next 12 months stand to gain the most in the upcoming recovery.

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