Get Business with Google Places

In 2010, we started optimizing our client’s Google places locations, or claiming them if they were the automated ones with little customization.

One such page was one for Eagle Rivet, one of our ct web design clients. One of the phrases we built in was ct roof snow removal, and they couldn’t be happier with the seasonal jobs they’ve gotten to pick up as a result!

Don’t over look this for your business! Here’s why:

  • The top Google places results are shown at the top or above natural results
  • Google Places provide functionality like reviews that can help you sell customers before they call
  • Google places doesn’t require a website!

Marketing Locked in Ice? Break Out!

Marketing Locked in Ice? Break out!

Starting the new year icebound and in need of something to break you out? Call 3PRIME and we’ll discover how swiftly the right keywords can cast warm sunshine on your business horizons!

This week, we announce one of our most recent projects, County Soda of South Florida, manufacturer and distributor of quality sodas, juices, gases and other beverages!

SEO Press Releases

We use SEO focused press releases to build links for our customers, some as the situation demands and others on a regular bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Here are 3 recent examples:

1) Paris Food Markets Iphone App

2) Floormall implements customer friendly features

3) A shelter for your vintage car

Those are for 3 different customers, and while what we do for each business is different, our SEO press releases usually include:

  • You provide us with the major points of your upcoming news release.
  • We’ll write a release that describes your news in appropriate terms and offers the necessary keyword text for the links we’ll be adding.
  • We’ll send this to you to edit.
  • Once we get it back we’ll tweak as necessary and perform a submission.
  • We code in up to 3 links to your website with the link text that we are targeting for you.
  • The submission pushed the SEO PR out to about 85 websites.
  • Usually about 30 pick it up and about half of those publish the 3 links we put in the release
  • We’ll send you a report about 3 business days after we submit with the URLs of all sites that picked it up.

Our service uses a wide submission for sites that are all press release focused and offer the opportunity to submit links in the release.

Call 203-789-8229 to see if this is a good fit for your SEO today!

Are 3PRIMEs SEO tactics specific to Google?

We had a question recently we thought we’d share:

Are there SEO tactics in our program (or not) that are specific to any of the primary engines? If so, please elaborate.

We focus on Google, reasons illustrated here!

Specifically, we monitor and exploit methods that can be shown currently to demonstrate benficial results in Google.

In general, we never do anything that will hurt rankings in other engines and we employ tactics that generally support a beneficial user experience, which is the appropriate philosophy for providing effective SEO services.

Adwords performance and quality score

I’m trying to get ads to perform better on my adwords account. Should I remove keywords from ad groups that have a low quality score?

– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

Quality Score is a function of:

1) Relevance of ad copy to keywords
2) Relevance of landing page to keywords
3) Relevance of landing page to ad copy
4) Quality of landing page

You can improve your qscore by

1) Make tightly focused ad groups with smaller numbers of keywords in each.
2) Make sure your landing page is about the specific keywords your using in ad copy and bids
3) Improve your ad copy to use your keywords and related phrases

what do you mean by a “smaller number of keywords”
– Danny S. 26 / M / Myrtle Beach, SC

For a single ad group, keep your keywords to 7 or less, this enables you to tailor the ad copy to the keywords you’re bidding on.

Adwords reading for beginners

I believe I am spending about $2 per click with Google but some of the site is a little confusing and it seems that I might be wasting my money … Is there a good source of information to help learn setting up adwords that you would suggest?

Here’s a couple of sets of results:



Pay the most attention to google forums and webpages for learning how to navigate the platform.

CMS Website for Advertising Agency

What’s the best CMS for an ad agency website, complete with multiple blogs and password-protected areas?

– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE

Sounds like you have a big project on your hands. I think the most important thing to consider is that any one product that handles multiple blogs and group level access may have too many moving parts, be over developed, or be packaged software that requires extensive customization.

I’d recommend you carefully consider the various elements you need, why you’d want separate blogs, and what information needs to be password protected. I’d suggest you’d be better served by multiple, simple solutions than trying to force one of the popular open-source CMS’ to fit your mold.


– Kevin F. 24 / M / Lincoln, NE