Adding Google Plus One Button to your Website

Google +1 integration is pretty straightforward, although these can often be complicated by the fact that most businesses don’t directly manage their own web content or rely on a trusted, efficient vendor to update their website in a timely fashion.
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Facebook publishes update for Business Pages

Our clients have begun adopting the optional Facebook Business Page update that is touted to enable us to make use of:

  • Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • A place to showcase photos along the top of your page
  • A news feed for your page
  • The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page

Some early comments:

just went to the new FB profile for the site’s page and it is not showing the six photos of people who have liked the page recently.


any insights into why the page is showing posts out of date order?

I’ll be looking at it this afternoon, and our professionals will update a couple of others we run including our own so we’ll get to see what it does. Since it is a new upgrade, I would expect it to be “buggy”, those things are probably beyond our control, but should be cleared up as FB brings it out to the wider populace; all pages will be automatically be upgraded on March 10.

Right now the upgrade is optional, and since you opted for it you’ve found a couple of bugs, next time you’re logged in, try and contact FB or submit feedback about your experience. That’s why they make it optional is so that early adopters try it and let them know how it works out.

Try the preview option before you commit!

Craig Boudria in Catch a New Rising Star Comedy Contest

Cast your Vote for CRAIG BOUDRIA!

Instructions per the Contest Rules:

Another contestant in Round 10 of the Catch A New Rising Star Contest at Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, inside Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI. To vote for this contestant in our Video Wild Card contest, send an email to with this contestant’s name [CRAIG BOUDRIA] in the subject line. One vote per person, please. The two contestants with the most votes will enter the semi-finals of the contest on December 2 or December 9.

Craig’s stand-up/Set video:

Why are social behaviors plateauing?

Interesting summary from Forrester:

I like the categories for social network behavior they use here, particularly Creators and Joiners. It is true that with the simplification of online publication, more people than ever are saying more of what they think, or what others think, on a consistent basis.

Their messages are also read by more people and archived in myriad manners, forcing us to recognize that the traditional reality of gateways of information to not exist as they once did.

Instead the gateways to information are defined by a coupling of which networks people are involved in and to whom they “connect” themselves within those networks.

So for those not so interested in sharing or Creating, there are added the Joiners, those who setup their profiles on the networks they deem indispensable simply so they are availed of the chatter of those more prone to create.

From these grow services that help Joiners aggregate their various profiles so that they can more quickly read and digest the Created “content”.

The main problem that I’ll mention here with this paradigm is that all of these services thrive because they are essentially free. This is also a root of the trouble we have with “news”, specifically that when all content is free, facts take a distant backseat to entertaining and gripping eyeballs.

Makes you wonder what’s really out there anymore. For us here in Connecticut, today, it’s rain, baby!

Stay dry folks!